Stable and Cattle Loader


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This 4 stall stable and cattle loader measures 16″ L x 20″ W and around 7-8″ Tall. The stable features chains to keep animals in their stalls. Stalls are divided by a feed trough which is also under cover in case of a chance of rain. The fenced in area gives the animals a chance to run around and the cattle loader offers a easy way to round up the cattle. It also offers a larger feed trough so there’s always plenty of feed for your animals. Each support is pre-drilled and screwed together and all other pieces including the cedar fencing is glued and nailed to make it very sturdy. *With each one being handmade the characteristics in the wood may vary from the photos*

Made to fit Safari LTD, Schleich, Little Busters and Breyer Stablemates animals.


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